Supporting our CHP family in times of need

As happens within any large organization, sometimes one of our members has to face and overcome a tremendous amount of tragedy and adversity, which can be overwhelming. In 2010, the CAHP board of directors voted to establish the “CAHP CARES” fund.  The fund was established as a means to collect donations for any CAHP member when his or her family is in need of financial assistance as the result of a crisis or significant event.  The board of directors felt the CAHP could act as a “clearing house” to help get the word out through the use of Area Rep informers, the APB and email blasts, or to the entire membership when one of our own was in need.  The CAHP is a family and there is no arguing that we have some of the most generous members and support of loyal organizations that care about the men and women of the CHP.

One of the most frequent questions the CAHP gets concerning the program is why aren’t contributions tax deductable?  While it might make sense to register the program as a 501 (c), the expenses are high and it would require a board of trustees to screen every request and make sure a certain set of criteria were met before a decision could be made to distribute any funds.  The board of directors wanted something that had more flexibility and where all the money raised went to the intended recipients.   In a nutshell, this is a large version of “pass the hat.”

Checks can be mailed to the CAHP office with CAHP CARES, or the name of the individual for whom donations are being collected, in the memo line. You may also call the CAHP office and make a donation using your Visa or MasterCard credit card.

 So, when you see an article in the APB or on the CAHP website about donations that are being collected for a member, it is through the giving spirit that all of us come together and lend a helping hand to a brother or sister who puts on the CHP uniform and does their best to make this a better place for all citizens of California, but now need assistance getting through a personal challenge of their own.

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