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CAHP Negotiations Update

On March 5, Governor Gavin Newsom announced his appointment of a new Director for the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR). That position has been held by an acting director for the last several months while a permanent director was selected. The newly appointed individual is Eraina Ortega. Click here to read her bio.

Line of Duty

The CHP family mourns loss of Officer Kirk Griess

Officer Kirk GriessOn August 10, 2018, at approximately 9:01 AM, CHP motorcycle Officer Kirk Griess, #15810, was on a traffic stop behind an SUV on the right shoulder of westbound I-80, near Manuel Campos Parkway, when for still to be determined reasons, a white Chevrolet pickup truck veered towards his location. The pickup then collided with the CHP motorcycle, Officer Griess, and the SUV.

Sadly, Officer Griess did not survive his injuries. Kirk was a well-respected member of his Vacaville community. He was also a well-loved and respected veteran officer with over 19 years of experience with the California Highway Patrol.