Pacific Crest Trail Update


Yesterday, David Dowty, Steve Griffin and Dan Snook, all CHP retirees and CAHP members, began their thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail to benefit the CAHP Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund. To follow their progress, be sure to like the Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund’s Facebook page.

So how can you help? The CAHP is asking that you and your families consider donating to the CAHP Widows & Orphans’ Trust Fund in support of these three hikers.  One hundred percent of the contributions sent will benefit the CAHP Widows & Orphans’ Trust Fund directly and will in no way support the cost of hike.  Please consider a donation of $20, $50, $100 or more.  You can also donate “per mile” representing the full 2,650 mile hike.  For example, a donation of 4 cents per mile would equate to $100.  Five (5) cents per mile would be $132.50.  If you want to get really generous, you can donate 10 cents per mile, for a total donation of $265!

You can donate online here.  (Be sure to put “Pacific Crest Trail” in the box titled “Donation Made in the Name Of:”)   If you’d rather donate by check make it out and send to:

CAHP Widows & Orphans Fund
2030 V Street
Sacramento, CA 95818

Put the words “Pacific Crest Trail” on the memo line