Out-of-State Health Benefits for Retirees

General information
Out-of-State Health Benefits for Retirees

If you are under age 65 and move outside of California, your CAHP Health Benefits will be greatly reduced. Watch this video to find out why it may be beneficial to choose another plan.

CAHP-HBT Prudent Buyer Basic Plan Limitations

If you incur non-emergency services provided outside the Prudent Buyer Network, especially for inpatient hospital treatment, payment is strictly limited to no more than $522 per day. In light of the fact that daily inpatient hospital treatment can far exceed this limited benefit, your out-of-pocket costs would likely be quite significant in such an event.

We encourage you to call us here at the CAHP office if you have any concerns or questions regarding moving out-of-state at 800-734-2247.