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CHP in the News Kimberly K. Fu-The Reporter

Two Solano CHP officers help save the life of a child – The Reporter

Two California Highway Patrol officers saved the life of a child Tuesday night in Dixon.

CHP in the News Damon Arthur-Redding Record Searchlight

CHP officer takes home stranded family

California Highway Patrol Officer Chance Clark had assisted a lot of motorists during his 18 years on the force, but he had never opened his house up to a stranded family — until Saturday night.

CHP in the News KCRA3

CHP officer saves choking baby on I-80 in Solano County

A California Highway Patrol officer was able to save a choking baby on Interstate 80 in the Fairfield area, authorities say.

CHP in the News Alliz

CHP: K-9 finds $272,000 inside coffee maker box

Approximately $272,000 was found inside a coffee maker box after an enforcement stop in Merced, according to the California Highway Patrol.

CHP in the News Richard Freedman- Vallejo Times Herald

July 16, Arts and Entertainment Source: CHP officer doesn’t mind when the job is dragon

When it comes to dream jobs, David Adams figures he’s got it made.

A California Highway Patrol officer for six years, the Petaluma resident gets to drive up and down Highway 1.

CHP in the News

‘Heroes work here’: Dozens of heart-shaped messages left for Visalia CHP officers

California Highway Patrol officers in Visalia were surprised with special notes written by the community on Thursday evening.

CHP in the News Kasia

Photos capture heartwarming moment between young girl, CHP officers

 Photos capturing a heartwarming interaction between a young girl and California Highway Patrol officers in San Diego have been shared hundreds of times on social media.

CHP in the News

Fund A Hero: Line of Duty Death – Damon Gutzwiller – EOW 6/6/2020

Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller served the community of Santa Cruz County since 2006 when he was hired by the Santa Cruz Sheriffs Office. During that time he served as a patrol deputy and detective. When he was promoted to Sergeant he performed as the leader that this community needed and deserved.

CHP in the News Courtney Teague-Patch

‘Geese Keep Playing Chicken On The Freeway,’ CHP Dublin Says

Apparently emboldened by Alameda County’s stay-at-home order, geese are bravely staking out claims on East Bay freeways.

CHP in the News Artie Ojeda-NBC San Diego

CHP Hero: Young Cadet Helps Revive Unconscious Motorist

Since March 20 the CHP academy in Sacramento has been temporarily closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. But for the last seven weeks, 177 cadets currently attending the academy have been assigned to local CHP offices,  mostly doing administrative work.

CHP in the News

‘It’s A Volatile Situation’: CHP Officer Who Brought Child To Safety Following Pursuit Talks About Tense Moments

When California Highway Patrol Officer Jonathan Lee and his fellow officers joined in a Tuesday night pursuit of a spousal abuse suspect who had also reportedly assaulted responding deputies in East Los Angeles, they had no idea there was a baby inside the silver Prius.

CHP in the News Stephen Hawkins-FOX26

CHP Merced’s K-9 has a nose for money

On Monday, officers from the CHP Merced Office made a traffic stop for a moving violation, which led to so much more.

CHP in the News Sacramento CBS Local

Off-Duty CHP Officer Helps Rescue Hiker Trapped In Angel Falls Whirlpool

 A quick-thinking off-duty officer helped save a 24-year-old hiker who was trapped in a whirlpool on Saturday.

CHP in the News Kym Kemp-

CHP Officer Gets Kudos for Changing Flat for woman on a remote stretch of 101

Simple acts of good will-picking up someone’s dropped keys, bringing cookies to a neighbor–they aren’t earthshaking but they reassure our bruised hearts that the world can also be tender and kind. In dark times, we all need a drop of that honey to stir into the bitter cup that sometimes we have to face.

CHP in the News Tori

CHP’s Highway Cattle Run Video Captures Local Attention

Call it having the advantage of a COVID-captive audience or the cool capturing of an intriguing activity most folks don’t usually see nowadays: a cattle run across a local highway.

CHP in the News

50 years later, slain CHP officers remembered for inspiring a safety revolution

It was April 6, 1970 when four California Highway Patrol officers from the Newhall station were gunned down by two career criminals. The rampage marked a new era for spree killings and sparked a revolution in safety reforms for officers.

CHP in the News

CAHP Marks 50th Anniversary of Newhall Incident

Today, we recognize the four young officers who lost their lives 50 years ago in what is now known as the Newhall Incident. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the scheduled memorial service to be cancelled, but the CAHP placed a wreath on the memorial at the Newhall office to honor the officers who made the ultimate sacrifice and whose deaths led to training that has undoubtedly saved many officers’ lives. Pictured left to right are District 4 Director Jake Johnson, Newhall Area Rep Donny Wilson and CAHP President Rick LaBeske.

APB Article

Congratulations to Commissioner Stanley

Congratulations to CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley, who was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown on February 9, 2018, after serving as Acting Commissioner since August 2017. Scott Silsbee was appointed Deputy commissioner. Also, Gov. Brown appointed Brian Annis as secretary of the California State Transportation Agency.

On Feb. 26, Gov. Brown delivered the oath of office to Stanley as the 15th Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Photo gallery

CHP Memorial honors officers lost in the line of duty
May 2, 2017

Photos by Michael Wong and Joe McHugh

In May of each year, the CHP holds a memorial to pay tribute to those brave heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and afford special honor to those killed in the previous calendar year.  In the CHP’s 88-year history, 227 heroes have lost their lives while courageously serving the people of California.