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Current News

CHP in the News Wes Venteicher-Sacramento Bee

More California state workers might get COVID bonuses. Negotiations are underway

The California Department of Human Resources has begun formal discussions with some state employee unions over pandemic bonuses, according to the department.

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CHP Medal of Valor Recipients

The 2021 Governor’s State Employee Medal of Valor Award Ceremony took place virtually. Watch the Governor’s introduction here.

Transportation Secretary David S. Kim shares the citations for the 2021 California Highway Patrol and the Department of Transportation awardees. Thirteen CHP officers received awards.

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CHP Officer Saves Boy Held Under Water in Canal by Woman

A California Highway Patrol officer rescued a 4-year-old boy held under water in an irrigation canal by an “extremely combative” woman in Yuba County, officers said.

CHP in the News Mike Chapman-Redding Record Searchlight

CHP helicopter crew rescues hiker from Castle Crags State Park on Thanksgiving Day

A California Highway Patrol helicopter crew rescued a hiker who became stranded in Castle Crags State Park on Thursday.

CHP in the News Julie Drake-Valley Press

A day of service for CHP officer

Much as a pilot completes a preflight safety checklist before takeoff, California Highway Patrol officer Brad Taggart completes his own checklist before he hits the road in his Dodge Charger patrol vehicle.

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Congratulations to Commissioner Stanley

Congratulations to CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley, who was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown on February 9, 2018, after serving as Acting Commissioner since August 2017. Scott Silsbee was appointed Deputy commissioner. Also, Gov. Brown appointed Brian Annis as secretary of the California State Transportation Agency.

On Feb. 26, Gov. Brown delivered the oath of office to Stanley as the 15th Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

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CHP Memorial honors officers lost in the line of duty
May 2, 2017

Photos by Michael Wong and Joe McHugh

In May of each year, the CHP holds a memorial to pay tribute to those brave heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and afford special honor to those killed in the previous calendar year.  In the CHP’s 88-year history, 227 heroes have lost their lives while courageously serving the people of California.