Turning 65 and Medicare

General information
Turning 65 and Medicare

When you become eligible for Medicare, normally three months prior to your 65th birthday, the Social Security Administration will send you your Medicare card, which will reflect the Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) effective date. If you do not receive your Medicare card within a reasonable time period prior to turning 65, contact your local Social Security office.

You will also receive a Certification of Medicare Status form from CalPERS requesting your Medicare status. It is very important to fill the form out completely and return it to CalPERS. This will initiate the process of transferring you from your CalPERS Basic Plan to a Supplement to Medicare Plan. If you have any questions regarding this process you can contact CalPERS at 1-888-225-7377, or visit their website at www.calpers.ca.gov.

Medicare Eligibility

  • Medicare eligibility is based on Social Security and/or Medicare-covered employment. If you are not eligible for Medicare, you may be eligible through your spouse (current, former or deceased) who worked. Contact Social Security at (800) 772-1213 to determine your Medicare eligibility or visit their website at www.ssa.gov.
  • If you do not qualify for Medicare, you are entitled to remain on your CalPERS Basic Plan.

Important Reminders

  • Do not cancel your Part B after you signed up for a CalPERS Medicare plan. Canceling your Part B means you will no longer qualify for CalPERS health coverage.
  • If your spouse or dependents are under age 65, they will remain on your CalPERS Basic plan.

If you have Medicare questions call (800) 633-4227, or visit www.medicare.gov.