Alfred R. Turner - ID 6185

Alfred R. Turner

Line of Duty

CHP Officer Dies After Shot at Traffic Stop

Tuesday, December 16, 1975

Officer Alfred R. Turner was patrolling on Interstate 5 near Los Banos when he stopped a vehicle at 10 p.m. because the motorist was driving with a burned-out headlight. Turner was unaware that the car had just been stolen in San Leandro. As the officer stepped out of his patrol car, the motorist exited his vehicle and they began walking toward each other when the motorist suddenly pulled a .357 magnum revolver and opened fire. Turner was hit with three bullets, but returned fire and hit his assailant with five shots. Although critically wounded, the officer managed to return to his patrol car and radio for help. Officer Turner, 35, succumbed to his wounds 12 days later. Officer Turner was a seven-year member of the CHP. His killer recovered from his wounds and was charged with murder.