How to Log On


Only members of the California Association of Highway Patrolmen can log on to the secured portion of our website.

If you’ve never logged on before, email us at with your name, badge number, personal email address and current mailing address. Once your membership is confirmed, we will send you an email with a link to log on.

If you’re currently receiving emails like the APB Online, CAHP most likely has your correct email on file. To check, click login at the top select “Request new password.”Enter your personal email, and select “E-mail new password.”

If your email is on file, you’ll get an email with login information.

If you get an error message, the CAHP does not have your correct email on file and you can contact us to update your information.

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‘The CAHP’s First 100 Years’ Video Premier

‘The CAHP’s First 100 Years’ Video Premier

Watch the video that premiered at the CAHP Annual Conference in Indian Wells, “The CAHP’s First 100 Years.” Enjoy learning about the rich history of the CAHP and how it has served members throughout the years and how its legacy will continue to build into the future. We are proud of our accomplishments and we hope you enjoy the show!


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